We have many castle wedding locations in Italy  with beautiful Medieval, Baroque, or Neo-Gothic features with banquet halls and gardens.
A beautiful Castel is on the east coast of Sicily with a nearby Catania airport. This Castle Xirumi in Sicily is near Scordia has  green spaces, endless acres of countryside. An historic castle with a neo-Gothic style  in the middle of the citrus forest. You can see the elegant outdoor space, the dining rooms. the Chapel, the place for your cocktail, the places for your ceremony and dinner. Every couple wants that their wedding will  be as fairytale, so why not do their wedding in a special castle in Sicily with the help of a wedding planner?




Wedding Castle in Sicily


The luxury Castle in Sicily is 16th-century construction for hundreds of years the property of the Barons Grimaldi of Serravalle.
This fabulous castle is situated in an ancient forest and citrus farm, close to Catania and Siracusa.

The place is an historical interest, having a Neolithic necropolis.

 Chooce among  Sicilian castles you can create a special event experience!



                                                                                                SICILIAN WEDDING INTO A GARDEN

The Castel Wedding venue in Sicily offers indoor and outdoor : the swimming pool, the halls, the inside courts, Arab Garden, forest, citrus farm, and the consecrated church, will be the perfect place for unique events,luxury events an Sicily.


Choose your venue in Sicily thinking to your style and dream. For your wedding in Sicily at Xirumi Castle you can do differents style: Royal Wedding, Forest Wedding, Fantasy Wedding, Neo-gothic styled Wedding, Arab touches, Sicilian Chic Wedding, and so on. Regardless of your personal wedding style, no one can deny that the thought of tying the knot inside a magical, historic castle in Italy is the wedding goal.


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